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Kevin Dunn
Filling Out Tax Form

Tax Reform:

Building Economic Prosperity

South Carolina's fiscal policy needs a pragmatic overhaul. Recognizing the trend of high-income earners establishing residency in states without income tax, it's essential to adopt a more competitive tax structure. This involves reducing or eliminating the state income tax by capitalizing on our budget surplus. Such a move not only retains wealth within our borders but also makes South Carolina a more attractive destination for retirees and investors, boosting our economic landscape.

Roads and Infrastructure:

Paving the Way Forward

The recent gas tax increase has fallen short in addressing the deteriorating state of our roads. We urgently need to prioritize infrastructure upgrades, especially for key corridors like I-26 and I-95, to enhance safety and efficiency. In District 35, the focus must be on expanding and improving Woodruff Rd and Reidville Rd, aligning road capacity with the booming population. Strategic investment in infrastructure is not just about repairing roads; it's about building the arteries of a thriving, growing community.

Kevin Dunn
Children in School Bus
Kevin Dunn


Investing in Our Future

Elevating teacher pay above the Southeastern average is just the start. We must confront the teacher shortage crisis holistically, tackling both salaries and the red tape of education policy. This approach, coupled with a thorough review of academic funding, will ensure our educators are supported, and our children receive the quality education they deserve. A robust education system is the bedrock of a prosperous society, and it’s time our policies reflected this truth.

Crime and Safety:

A Firm Stand

A strong stance on crime is non-negotiable. Mandatory sentences for violent crimes, drug distribution offenses, and firearm possession by felons are crucial. Beyond punitive measures, bolstering support and compensation for law enforcement and first responders is vital. These men and women are the frontline guardians of our community, and their effectiveness hinges on our commitment to their welfare and resources.

Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn

Jobs and Economic Development:

Cultivating Opportunity

Job creation through incentivizing businesses is a cornerstone of economic growth. By offering tax credits to companies providing high-wage jobs we not only boost employment but also drive economic prosperity. A thriving job market attracts talent and investment, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and opportunity for all South Carolinians.

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